Artist Statement and Biography

Terri Horner Artist Statement

Life is a journey. Sometimes the journey is one of smooth traveling while other times the trail is fraught with obstacles and challenges.  Art has been part of my journey as long as I can remember. My parents encouraged my love of art from an early age. The beginning of my artistic career was when I became a cosmetologist. Sculpting hair to create harmony with a facial shape, skin and eye tone, or highlighting one’s best features is undoubtedly an art. One of the more important and influential components of sculpting a live model is the sharing of one’s life story. What has life dealt? How is it faced? What path will be taken? The trials, joys, sorrows, and paths of many have shaped my own life journey and had a profound effect on who I have become.

My art is eclectic in nature. I like to experiment with different materials, mediums, and techniques. Some of my favorite materials to work with are weathered wood, marred with insect trails and signs of life’s passing; a canvas created by the forces of nature. Nature’s touch adds an undeniable character to the finished sculpture. Stone is another piece of nature that shares its birthplace, age, composition, and life experiences through the beautiful colors and grains of time. Iron and bronze portray a strength and beauty found in no other material. Clay is of the earth pliable yet hard. Life and nature provide an unlimited canvas of inspiration to draw from.

My journey is a gathering of the beautiful, the ugly, the humorous, the tragic, and the hope that comes with each new day. Each emotion, good or bad, is a part of someone’s journey and connects the paths of us all in some way. This is where I have been, where I am, and the first steps of where I am going. This is my life’s journey.







Terri Horner began her studies in art at Southeastern Louisiana University. Her journey later brought her to Kansas where she received her Associate of Arts degree at Barton County Community College and her BFA from Fort Hays State University. Terri typically uses wood, stone, metal, and clay as her canvas but loves many artistic modalities. She likes to share her unique concept of the human figure and the deep emotional connections to life’s experiences. For Terri, her artistic journey is an eclectic rendering of human versatility on this roller coaster we call life.